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Manually applied hairstrokes, to give an ultra-natural brow look. Skin must be in excellent condition for this process alone.  Let’s talk to discuss if this is the right option for your skin type. 



Machine shading alone, can be dramatic or super soft looking.  This option looks like a bit of brow powder on the eyebrows when healed.  All skin types can get this type of brow service.


A combination of manual microblading and machine shading. Machine work is a great option for sensitive skin.  Most skin types can heal beautifully with a combo brow.  


A soft wash of color on the lips..not a lipstick look, think lip harsh edges, just a flush of pretty!

Lip Blush
Eyes and Brows
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Sharon C.

I had the best experience having my eyebrows tattooed yesterday! A friend of mine had hers done by Aimee - they looked great. Took me a year to finally have my done and they’re wonderful! And this is after 1 day so the best is yet to come as they heal. It was a relaxing spa like experience and Aimee is so amazingly thorough with information, instructions and after care that it gave me full confidence about the process. The result is amazing- don’t put it off! And, thanks!

Combo Brows

Rebecca C.

Aimee did an excellent job! I felt little to no pain, and the process was much easier than I anticipated... and I am thrilled with the results!


Ariana C.

Honestly, I was very apprehensive about doing this, but I am ecstatic that I did it! I am very pleased with the results, what sealed the deal for me was when I went to see my esthetician and she said, as soon as she saw me “ What did you do to your eyebrows they look amazing “. She told me she looks at eyebrows all day long and she has seen some horrible jobs, but mine were the best she had ever seen. She even asked for the number to do it herself! Aimee was professional, fast, and very reasonably priced. I highly, highly, highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed.

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