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If you have been thinking about BROW TATTOOING (or LIPBLUSH) for a long time, but have been nervous to do it, I’m happy to have a free phone consultation with you to explain the different techniques I offer, the aftercare and the healing process. No pressure…just giving you all the information you need to make an educated decision to see if this is right for you.  I’m happy to help.


Here is a look at the tattoo services I offer:

lip blush

LIPBLUSH: A soft wash of color on the lips..not a lipstick look, think lip harsh edges, just a flush of pretty!


MIcroblading, ibrowdesignsink, Plainview NY

MICROBLADING:  Manually applied hairstrokes, to give an ultra-natural brow look. Skin must be in excellent condition for this process alone.  Let’s talk to discuss if this is the right option for your skin type. 

POWDER BROWS: Machine shading alone, can be dramatic or super soft looking.  This option looks like a bit of brow powder on the eyebrows when healed.  All skin types can get this type of brow service.

Powder Brows, ibrowdesignsink, Plainview NY
Combo Brows, ibrowdesignsink, Plainview NY

COMBO BROWS:  A combination of manual microblading and machine shading. Machine work is a great option for sensitive skin.  Most skin types can heal beautifully with a combo brow.  

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